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Ingeni 150ml Pregnant Plan Stretch Mark Defense Cream 新肌霓 美孕計畫 无纹妊辰润肤霜

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【用 途】使肌膚彈力滋潤,撫平身體紋路,適合全孕期及產後使用。
【容 量】150mL


【用 法】取適量塗抹於局部肌膚,可搭配按摩使用。

【Commodity characteristics】
The most worrying thing in pregnancy is the generation of pregnancy patterns,
You should try this new pregnancy cream developed with a crawl of snow grass.
- skin repair factors extracted from Malagasy snow grass can help to dilute the texture.
- phospholipid formulation, apply it to your skin to be friendly, easy to use no burden.
- allocation of oil and water to excellent ratios, an instant feeling of moisturization, the texture is clear and not sticky, all pregnancy is suitable for use.
- low stimulation in full formulation、 low-sensitive components, let your baby and you use it safely.

【Commodity specifications】
Capacity: 150ml
Duration of retention: Three years
Main component: Snow oxalic acid、 chrysanin、 hydroxyl oxalic acid、 marine brown algae extraction、 extraction of soft-haired pinus
Access: Moisten skin elasticity, healing body textures, suitable for full pregnancy and postnatal use.
Usage: Apply an appropriate amount to local skin, can be used with massage.
Source of goods: Company goods

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