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BHK's 澎嫩水漾組 膠原蛋白錠 Advanced Collagen Plus (60's) + BHK's 玻尿酸膠囊 Hyaluronic Acid Capsules (60's)

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澎嫩水漾組 簡介

【彈力飽滿 水嫩不斷】



BHK's Advanced Collagen Plus + Hyaluronic Acid Capsules

BHK's Advanced Collagen Plus

* Patented collagen peptide+vitamin C: enhance collagen synthesis, improves skin's elasticity
* Controlled Release Technology - superior coating and entirely wrapped the advanced collagen formulation
- 3-times-better absorption
- Enhancement after delivered to the intestine regions without being damaged by stomach acid

Main Ingredients:
Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides 800mg, Chicken Sternal Cartilage Extract 200mg

Take 2 tablets at once daily after meal. For better result, take 2 tablets twice per day. Do NOT take more than 6 tablets per day.

BHK's Hyaluronic Acid Capsules

* High concentration of hyaluronic acid and French patented polyphenols:
- High purity of hyaluronic acid (more than 95%) to strengthen skin hydration
- 22 kinds of integrated vegetables and fruits, 400 times concentration, helps to lock in moisture
* Helps retain water to keep your skin tissues well lubricated and moist
* Added vitamin B2 and B5, improve your skin health
* Contains vitamin C, the antioxidant to function and encourage collagen production

Main Ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid (from Sodium Hyaluronate) 76mg

Take 1 capsule daily after meal. Do NOT take more than 1 capsule per day.

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