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BHK's 完美鎖時組 專利輔酶Q10 軟膠囊 (60's) Patented Coenzyme Q10 Softgels + Bhk's 胎盤錠EX (60's) Placenta EX Tablets

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完美鎖時組 簡介

【賦活修護 凍顏緊緻】


德國胎盤粉 x 專利葡萄籽,改善机理,實現極細緻的樣貌。


BHK's Patented Coenzyme Q10+ Placenta EX

BHK's Patented Coenzyme Q10

*Makes skin look younger, target the fundamental causes of skin aging
*Supports your skin from the inside and provides protection from harmful elements
*Coenzyme Q10
- Reduces sun damage and increase antioxidant protection
- Encourages collagen growth, diminishes fine lines and neutralizing free radicals
*Rosehip extract and vitamin E, B1 and B2
- Improve skin tone and texture, regenerate skin cells and keep skin elastic and nourished

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) 30mg

Take 1 softgel daily after meal. Do NOT take more than 1 softgel per day.

BHK's Placenta EX

*Have a youthful appearance
*Germany placenta powder: contains EGF and FGF, makes your skin tight and bright
*Patented Grape Seed Extract: avoid premature aging and certain chronic diseases
*Vitamin C: strengthens oxidation and maintains the compactness of cell arrangement

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Dry Placenta Powde (Pig) 300mg, Grape Seed Extract 50mg

Take 1 tablet daily after meal. For better result, take 2 tablets at once. DO NOT take more than 2 tablets per day.

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