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*Original* Philips GC004 Filter Cartridge for GC7619 / GC7620 / GC7635 (4pcs)

RM 174.00
Fits for Model:

Pure Steam Anti-scale cartridge*
99% calc free, increase lifetime by five times

Eliminates 99% of calculable for PerfectCare Pure
3 months of ironing
The lifetime of your cartridge depends on the water hardness where you live and the number of hours you spend ironing per week. On average, 1 cartridge provides 3 months of ironing time.

99% calc-free with Pure Steam Anti-scale cartridge
The PureSteam anti-scale cartridge filters 99% of scale from tap water. It ensures a consistent flow of steam and prevents calc residues on clothes.

Replace the cartridge when your appliance warns you
PerfectCare Pure warns you when the Pure Steam Anti-scale cartridge needs to be replaced. The anti-calc replacement light starts flashing, and your appliance starts beeping and then stops to prevent you from damaging it and getting dirt on your clothes. To continue using your appliance under the best conditions, you can either use demineralised water while keeping the old cartridge inside, or replace it with a new Pure Steam Anti-scale cartridge.

Increase lifetime by 5 times
It prevents any scale damage to your appliance and increases the lifetime of your appliance by 5 times.

The most effective anti-scale system

Specifications of Philips Iron Cartridge GC004

Technical specifications
•Number of cartridges in pack: 4
•Product weight: 0.19 kg
•Weight of product in pack: 0.83 kg
•Product dimensions: 9.40 x 5.40 x 6.80 (cm)

Logistic data
•A-box dimensions: 13.00 x 31.00 x 37.00 (cm)
•A-box weight: 5.40 kg
•F-box dimensions: 11.00 x 12.00 x 15.00 (cm)
•F-box weight: 0.90 kg

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