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【敷膜五片】Ingeni Skin Soothing Back Mask Refill Pack 新肌霓 美背計畫 舒緩保濕敷膜補充包 補充包

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1. 本產品建議搭配專用背心使用。
2. 使用前可將鋁袋泡至溫水(40-50℃)中,敷上背部時感覺較為舒服,曬傷發紅期則不建議溫敷。
3. 使用前請清潔背部,使用後清洗與否都可,不清洗效果更佳。

Soothing and moisturizing mask*5 pieces (recommended to be used with a special vest)
Pepperberry extract, Willow orchid extract, hyaluronic acid, xylitol active water essence

【product features】
With pepper berry extract, it inhibits the production of inflammatory factors, alleviates allergy and dry itching.
Liulan extract can reduce redness and heat caused by pimples and ultraviolet rays.
Reduce redness and sensitive skin, and improve skin defences.
Xylitol Active Water Essence can capture and lock water molecules, long-term moisturizing.
Hyaluronic acid can form a water-retaining film on the skin, reduce water loss, and maintain skin moisturization.
Maintaining with a film coating can more effectively introduce active ingredients.

1. This product is recommended to be used with a special vest.
2. You can soak the aluminium bag in warm water (40-50℃) before use. It will feel more comfortable when you put it on your back. Warm compress is not recommended during sunburn and redness.
3. Please clean your back before use. After use, it can be washed or not. The effect is better without washing.

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